Recovery, trading and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

For more than 50 years

Trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

For more than 50 years, Talfer srl, a company from Oggiono (LC), has been trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals throughout the national territory.

Our company collaborates with the most important steel mills in the North, we are quick to respond and can guarantee a punctual scrap collection service.

We offer collection, and have specialized personnel who are also able to respond quickly and decisively to any issues and opportunities that arise. We also offer assistance on the administrative and environmental management of ferrous and non-ferrous processing waste; Our roll-off containers are always available, we are complemented by our customers for our ability to be mobilized quickly and efficiently. 


We have been operating for years in the ferrous materials sector, and have been purchasing turning waste, roughing waste, forges, burrs, bottoms and iron and steel sprues directly from the manufacturers.

Our company operates in the recycling sector of non-ferrous materials such as: aluminum (turnings-plates), titanium, vidiam and copper.


The Talfer company offers the services of:

  • Container collection and bulk material collection from the supplier's warehouse.
  • Cost estimates and price listings after viewing the material.
  • Availability of transportation (on behalf of third parties) in compliance with our type of trade (special non-hazardous waste).

Withdrawal of ferrous and non-ferrous material, processing and storage of end of waste with END OF WASTE certification.

We provide a distinct separation of the various types of material that are carefully processed by an overhead crane (which is magnetized and self propelled) and the use of forklifts in full compliance with all industry standards that are approved by CE.

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Our plant that's used for the disposal of the materials guarantees a professional and reliable service, and thanks to our qualified and well-trained personnel we are able to sort the product in the best way to achieve the best possible sorting results and a high-end product.

The entry of materials occurs according to the current regulations, and with the respect of the end-of-waste procedures, afterwards the product is ready to be returned to the recycling plant.


    We have the necessary authorizations required by the EU regulation for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to issue certificates and precise reports on all our collection and redelivery movements of recycled metals.


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